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Design, UI, software, application or website tailored to your company?

Original designs, stylish websites and smart web applications.
That is what we go for!

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Who are we?

DDI Services stands for Design, Development, Interactivity and all the overarching services that go with it. We design and develop digital applications tailored to your business, and provide you with online and offline tools that adapt to your needs - and not the other way around.


Digitize and innovate!

Creative concepts and smart applications that stand out!

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you know that continuous innovation and digitization are crucial for a successful future. At the same time, digital technologies are evolving at a scorching pace. Your company, too, therefore needs a well thought-out strategy. 

DDI Services offers you this expertise.


More than 20 years of experience in creative concepts and smart web applications.

We offer you assistance and expert advice in the development of efficient concepts and applications based on your requirements and ambitions. With creativity and expertise, we translate your needs into a digital solution that meets your needs today and is ready for the future. 


Do you have an idea or a problem as an entrepreneur?
Or do you want to digitize your business processes?

Giving your company or organization more clout with simple, flexible tools: that is our objective.
Together we develop and brand new applications that support your company and set it apart from the competition.
DDI Services NV has been marketing its know-how for 20 years under the brand names PopCom and Ant Systems, both based in Roeselare. 

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