Tailor-made integrations

Do you need migrations, links and interfaces with different external software packages (ERP, CRM, EDI, ...). We have a long experience in this area.

Do you need a technical link yourself?
Internet of Things "IoT" Development - Integration - Web services

  • EDI
  • Microsoft
  • Navision
  • SAP
  • SDP
  • Zendsoft
  • TX Connect
  • TAS
  • Active Directory
  • Mailchimp
  • TMS at your Service


Elaborating your brand identity and strategy visually and content-wise is crucial to create recognition and uniformity. Positioning your company and products uniquely, "branding" into images, content and style in all communications ensure your unique identity.


We develop customized websites and web-based applications. These serve to simplify and speed up business processes. Our web applications offer a beautiful User Interface (UI), a user-friendly backend management and a safe environment to work in.


Do you need migrations, links and interfaces with various external software packages?
Or perhaps you are looking for intuitive and interactive customized touch applications? 

We will gladly help you!


Depending on your assignment, the team with the appropriate expertise is put together.
The project manager works out the assignment in close consultation with you.

Do you have an idea or a problem as an entrepreneur?
Or do you want to digitize your business processes?

Giving your company or organization more clout with simple, flexible tools: that is our objective.
Together we develop and brand new applications that support your company and set it apart from the competition.
DDI Services NV has been marketing its know-how for 20 years under the brand names PopCom and Ant Systems, both based in Roeselare. 

Our brands