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Step-by-step plan for concepting

You want to launch a product or service and have countless ideas about how you want to communicate it. Starting with an idea and ending with a complete and mature project: that's what you can expect from concept development.

Creative, conceptual and strategic thinking with punishing execution. Just communicating at random makes no sense, as you are well aware. You want your product to attract attention, to be appreciated. That's not easy with a consumer who is becoming increasingly outspoken and critical. They want to be informed quickly and clearly, and preferably in an original way. Rely on PopCom. Because we touch the heart of your target group, with respect for your house style and your product or service. 

After a thorough analysis of your company, your services and your target groups, at PopCom we let our creativity run wild. Brainstorming with the team is one of the most important steps in the creation process, because what is communication without an original concept?   


Concepting. Unitron Connect - Purpose-built IoT!

Unitron Connect will make your IoT project a success. With its own research center, production facility, quality control and validation labs, Unitron Connect is committed to adding value to your use case. 

Unitron Connect is part of the UnitronGroup, a family-owned company that develops, manufactures and sells telecommunications, multimedia and Internet of Things applications worldwide. Concept development is very important to differentiate yourself as a company. 

Unitron Connect chose PopCom to develop their new concept, profiling and positioning. We worked out unique image concepts and new slogans that beautifully present the technical aspect of Unitron Connect's products and technologies.

Chatbot - The Future

The popularity of chatbots has skyrocketed in recent years and the prospects look equally bright. Therefore, the business world is already investing in this technology in large numbers. 

Chatbots help you to inform and optimize common product- and/or company-specific questions and answers. You can create and improve the questions and answers yourself. This content is managed by you and will be unique, just like your company and its products. In this way, employees will eventually be able to focus more on other, less frequent questions, which means a more efficient use of time and resources for your company. 

The more the chatbot can assist your customers with its personalized help, the better and faster it will become. The chatbot is your new right hand.


Roadmap website - web application

The creation of a professional and stylish website is best left to a specialist. Each project requires a specific approach. The quality and success of a website depends not only on the web design but also on its user-friendliness. We look for a ready-made solution to every problem, however complex. We build your website or application from A to Z and take care of the hosting and maintenance as well.... 

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Together we develop and brand new applications that support your company and set it apart from the competition.
DDI Services NV has been marketing its know-how for 20 years under the brand names PopCom and Ant Systems, both based in Roeselare. 

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