Photography fitness centre Days Workout

Ypres-based fitness centre Days Workout entrusted DDI Services and Popcom with capturing their extensive fitness centre and group classes on film.

Here is a small selection of the images.

New corporate identity and website for Lamco Services

Welcome to the revamped Lamco Services, thanks to Popcom's creative masterpiece.
Discover thenew identity with a sleek logo, contemporary stationery, noteblocks, business cards and ballpoint pens.

Professional and contemporary

The new logo is the beating heart of the revamped identity.

With clean lines, bright colours and a contemporary design, the logo exudes confidence, making it a visual reflection of the services you have come to expect from Lamco Services.

Popcom: Creative renewal

"At Lamco Services, we are grateful for working with Popcom. Their dedication to creativity, attention to detail and understanding of our values have resulted in a corporate identity and new website that is not only modern but also deeply rooted in who we are as an organisation."

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New Soncotra exhibition stand

DDI Services provided the technical and graphic design for Soncotra's new exhibition stand.
The aim of the exhibition stand is for visitors to see at a glance what Soncotra's strengths are.

No problem for the graphic and technical talent within DDI Services.

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New website holiday home 't Heyzerhof

't Heyzerhof is a luxurious holiday home with fully equipped wellness in the Westhoek.

To advertise their holiday home online, a new and clear website was needed.
As did the link to an external booking module.

No problem for the experts at DDI Services!

Curious about the result?

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Corporate video for transport company Soncotra

DDI Services created a new corporate video for transport company Soncotra from Poperinge.

We developed a script with storyboard after which we scheduled the shoot.
After filming, with fixed camera, camera on stabilizer and drone camera, we also took care of editing and subtitling.

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New website for Alu Lermytte

Lermytte is one of the big names when it comes to joinery in the Westhoek region. The need for a new website was high. It became a website that mainly lets images do the talking. The realisations form the foundations of this web architecture.

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New multilingual website for Soncotra

Transport company Soncotra specialises in goods transport to and from Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS, the Balkans and the Middle East.

We built them a fully customised multilingual website in Dutch, French, English, German and Russian.
The clear navigation structure allows visitors to find the desired information at a glance.

Our in-house developed modern CMS system allows the customer to easily manage content and layouts themselves.
Naturally, this website is also 100% responsive so that it is perfectly displayed on every mobile device.

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New, modern website for Houthandel Decadt

For Houthandel Decadt, we created a new and modern website in a stylish design.
The website is rich in practical information. In addition, the entire product range can be consulted quickly and easily by means of an online catalogue.

Naturally, this website is also fully optimized for mobile use and thus works intuitively on any mobile device.
By using the extensive search function via the search banner, visitors can quickly and easily look up information throughout the website and online catalogue.

Curious about the result?

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Corporate photography Soncotra

For Soncotra, we went out with our camera inside their company.
We took care of an extensive corporate reportage, portraits of all employees and some group photos.

Studio photography, reportage photography and advanced image processing.
No problem for DDI Services!

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Modern website for Unitron Group

UnitronGroup is a market leader in developing and producing electronics accessories and products for digitising telecommunications and audio-video systems. In addition to a head office in Poperinge, the company has two branches in the Czech Republic and one in China. Its own house brand Johansson is already an established name in the world of multimedia.

DDI Services was responsible for the design and development of their new website via our own PopCom CMS. 
The right atmosphere and look in graphic design were combined with a user-friendly web architecture.


Product photography Johansson

Johansson also trusts PopCom's expertise for their product and mood photography.
Studio photography with fixed or flash light, on a white or black background.

No problem for DDI Services!

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New website for Johansson

Need a modern, functional and user-friendly dealer or portal website?  

The technology market continues to evolve. 
So does Johansson, with a range of more than 250 telecommunications, multimedia and IoT solutions. 
Johansson makes TV viewing possible for tens of millions of people in more than 70 countries.

The dealer site includes:
✅ Comprehensive E-Catalogue for installers and dealers.
✅ Download section for photos, manuals, schematic ...
✅ Portal access for authenticated users or contacts
✅ Call-to-action banners and events
✅ Stylish UI 


Concepting Unitron Connect - Purpose-built IoT

Unitron Connect makes your IoT project a success. With its own research center, manufacturing facility, quality control and validation labs, Unitron Connect is committed to adding value to your use case. Unitron Connect is part of the UnitronGroup, a family-owned company that develops, manufactures and sells telecommunications, multimedia and Internet of Things applications worldwide. Concept development is very important to differentiate yourself as a company. 

Unitron Connect chose PopCom to develop their new concept; profiling and positioning. We worked out unique image concepts and new slogans that beautifully present the technical aspect of Unitron Connect's products and technologies. Concepting is about the form and content being translated into a message based on your vision and values. First, we sit down with the client, conduct interviews and look at your competitor(s). Then we determine your USP's based on that. 

Unique image concepts and corresponding (sub)slogans are created through brainstorming with our team and with you, the client. The result is a fully developed concept, with unique styling and profiling, which we finally bundle into a total story or impactful advertising. From now on, stone and technology will be the new common thread running through Unitron Connect's communication, providing a modern look and powerful message.

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Transport Management Software (TMS) customized for your transport company

Are you looking for an interactive logistics software package to manage internal and external trucks, trailers, transports and everything that goes with them? Scalable and personalized? We will prepare your company for Industry 4.0 with our state-of-the-art transport management software.

Innovative and user-friendly
Our new transport management software (TMS) combines state-of-the-art technology with an unrivalled user experience, tailored to the needs of your business. The system thus builds a bridge between your transport company and the industrial environment of the future.

Some of the possibilities:

  • Management of internal and external trucks, trailers, transports, etc.
  • Planning of actions, orders, routes, etc. tailored to your activities
  • Customer administration and transactions via a customer portal
  • Digital document management (orders, invoices, messages, etc.)
  • Link with external fleet management and payment systems
  • Flexible management of subcontractors, routes, destinations, etc.
  • Optimize your transport flow with artificial intelligence

Invest today in innovative transport management software (TMS) and steamroll your enterprise ready for The Internet of Things.

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Content on screens made quick and easy!

The need to visualize business information, live data and news has become very important in the daily operation of and communication within your organization.

With our signage solution, you can easily update, change and manage your displays in single and/or multiple locations.

Optimize your internal and external communications with a powerful narrowcasting/digital signage system.

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Online-Offline from A-Z : Branding Cnudde Packaging

You may have already noticed: Cnudde Packaging has a brand new website with a trendy look & feel. With this we try to guide the customer even better towards the perfect egg box, tailored to his needs and those of his target group. The corporate identity as well as the product portfolio were updated with a trendy layout, new photos and copy. The biggest innovation is without doubt the new online catalog. You will also find all product data sheets, with technical specifications and machine settings. You can also print or save these sheets as a PDF. 

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Data link between PopCom CMS and Navision

For Floralux, we built a web service with data link between our PopCom CMS and Navision Floralux.
This integration ensures that local data is pushed via automatic script every 15 minutes to our online application.

This way Floralux only has to do the input of promos (text, photo, prices,...) in one place.

Do you also need a web service to centralize and synchronize data? 


EDI Tool for Soncotra-Pfizer

This Electronic Data Interchange application makes it possible to validate and exchange order and invoice data between two billing systems in a simple and controlled way. For both companies, the invoicing processes are optimized and automated, thus saving time and costs.

Do you also have an integration project? 
EDI or other link? 

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Visitor registration software and kiosk

Through our software combined with kiosk or tablet, visitors can register and/or print a personalized badge with barcode. When checking in, the visitor has to enter his personal data, which employee(s), the arrival and departure time, possibly a license plate, .... Checking out is easy by entering a code or scanning the badge.

Are you interested in digital registration of your visitors?

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Online-Offline from A-Z : Branding start-up Libertas LLP

  • Logo and corporate identity development
  • Concept, Design and Copy of all tools including brochure, website, powerpoint,...
  • Branding activities Libertas
  • Web and UI Design, backend and frontend development website
  • Management via user-friendly CMS
  • Marketing advice

A new professional b2b and b2c site for Pillaert

Many companies today are struggling with the trend where B2B and B2C buyers first inform themselves online before requesting a quote.

Metaalhandel Pillaert was aware of this and decided to intervene.

Pillaert Metaalhandel, active since 1970, supplies custom metal goods to private individuals and for housing, industry and agriculture thanks to an extensive machine park. They opted for a new website in order to respond to the trend where people first do research online and only then proceed to a purchase decision. We created their professional B2B and B2C online catalog, which contains about 1800 articles in both Dutch and French. Their CMS (Content Management System) is extensive and very flexible. They can manage everything themselves. (photos, text, product groups, applications, news...) In addition, the link with their article management system Zendsoft ensures an up-to-date online range.

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ABA Ypres Logo Development, Concepting and programming of attractive and helpful website

Glad to have been able to collaborate on the launch and branding of ABA Ypres. With a new letter logo and an informative, interactive website they try to reach the people who can use their help. A few months ago the people of ABA-Ypres came knocking at our door. They were looking for a company that could advise them on the branding and development of their logo, corporate identity and website.The Ambulant Behandelprogramma Alcohol Ieper (Ypres, Belgium) offers a specialized group therapeutic treatment for people with problematic alcohol use. ABA-Ieper is an initiative of the PZ H. Hart, the Jan Yperman Hospital and the CGG Largo and is situated within "kwadraat", the network mental health care in Central-West-Flanders. This website has an attractive look & feel, is now equipped with a user-friendly UI "User interface" and has several handy tools. For example, it is possible to contact them very quickly or to do a self-test.

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SaniReno Webshop

Bouwcenter Frans Vlaeminck has guaranteed its products and service for 40 years. With the new sanitary E-shop SaniReno they offer the possibility to calculate and/or order the total bathroom renovation at 6 or 21 %. The webshop is a convenient online tool for your bathroom renovation where the purchase, delivery and installation of materials can be done by one and the same partner "Bouwcenter Frans Vlaeminck". The consumer can therefore quickly and easily consult, budget and order his renovation. Keeping data up-to-date is child's play for Bouwcenter Frans Vlaeminck!

Curious about their webshop or in need of a bathroom renovation yourself?

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Do you have an idea or a problem as an entrepreneur?
Or do you want to digitize your business processes?

Giving your company or organization more clout with simple, flexible tools: that is our objective.
Together we develop and brand new applications that support your company and set it apart from the competition.
DDI Services NV has been marketing its know-how for 20 years under the brand names PopCom and Ant Systems, both based in Roeselare. 

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